Cliff was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in dentistry in 1976 and has enjoyed a long professional career both in Manitoba and Alberta. He has always had an interest in art and art history but until recently has had little time to pursue those interests and explore that side of his character.

He has been mentored in watercolour painting by Donna-Jo Massie of Canmore and is a participant in her weekly Advanced Watercolour Symposium.

"Now that I live part time in Canmore, exposure to the mountain environment has opened my eyes to the shadows and subtle colour variations of the Rockies and environs. I find the abundant wildlife and amazing scenery of the area very inspirational".

His hero in the watercolour world is the late Walter Phillips who also lived in both Winnipeg and Calgary. He not only recognizes most of the artist's compositions' locations but also marvels at his technical ability.

Cliff in his Art Studio in Canmore. 2015

Cliff in his Art Studio in Canmore. 2015